/Whitelist Registration for KyberNetwork
Whitelist Registration for KyberNetwork 2017-08-25T13:14:41+00:00

Official statement of partnership of KyberNetwork

FindenCapital is the investors and strategic partner of KyberNetwork.
As a strategic partner, FindenCapital has been build KyberNetwork brand recognition in Korean market. All the translations including official blog postings have been carried out by FindenCapital. FindenCapital’s primary responsibility is to convey the exact and the only source of official information that are released from KyberNetwork for Korean investors and to have Korean investors to have equal chance to participate in this promising project without having language barriers.
FindenCapital understand the importance of personal information and has been very careful about the personal information abide local regulations. All whitelisted information gathered through system has been discarded upon the consolidation and submission to KyberNetwork. Please be informed that the rest of the KyberNetwork token sale process will be and only be carried out at the official site of the KyberNetwork. FindenCapital does not collecting Ethereum from investors and does not offer the proxy agent and brokerage for KyberNetwork token sale.
All the KYC process will be and only be carried out at the official KyberNetwork website. The details of registration and KYC process, which will happen on August 31 to September 10, will be announced soon at the official KyberNetwork blog.
FindenCapital does not represent or franchises of KyberNetwork. FindenCaptial is the official strategic partner of KyberNetwork and all the submitted whitelist information has been securely transferred to KyberNetwork and eligible for the KyberNetwork token sale registration phase.


Registration for whitelist is finished 22nd Aug  14:00 at Singapore Standard Time. Details for Whitelist Registration are available at https://blog.kyber.network/

사전등록 접수기간은 8월22일 14시 마감되었습니다.(싱가포르 표준시간. 한국시간 기준 8월22일 오후 3시 작성완료까지만 인정됩니다)
“사전등록에 대한 자세한 사항은 https://blog.kyber.network/ 를 확인해주세요(접속 후 왼쪽 상단 – KOREAN클릭)”